FreezeFrame (screen shots) is a photo and video organizer/viewer like Picassa or iPhoto. They not only import and organize media but also support annotations like keywords, comments, titles and GPS location for categorization and search.

A file manager or explorer that comes with the operating system might already do a pretty good job but this requires an organized storage structure and usually lacks advanced search possibilities. File managers seldom utilize the rich meta-data that is already in the media. Most smart phones for example can add a GPS location to photos and videos, but you can seldom view your media based on its location. Why not select photos from a map or even go one step further: resolve those locations to real world addresses and select your photos by country, state or city? This might come in handy when you have thousands of photos and want to put together a quick slide show for your friends or update your picture frame.

If you’re looking for a photo and video organizer for your local collection, appreciate a simple an easy interface then FreezeFrame might be for you. It’s free (FOSS) and written in JavaFX so it runs on all major platforms. You might even consider a donation if you enjoy it.

Current status

FreezeFrame is currently in beta phase. Though it has been used for quite some time now and I personally use it on a daily basis, it’s still in beta until enough people have successfully tried and tested it.

You’re more than welcome to give it a try and report any issues. I strongly suggest that you’ll use it on a copy of your collection or make sure you make regular backups.

Key features

  • cross-platform; meaning you can run it on Windows, OS X, Linux and any other platform that can run Java 8.
  • all meta-data like keywords, comments, rating & location can be stored in the photo or video file itself. If the collection is on a shared medium like a network or cloud drive, everybody accessing this collection will get these changes.
  • freezeFrame does not rely on any external players, it renders photos and videos natively in JavaFX.
  • see the detailed feature list for a complete overview

What it will NOT do (and why)

  • Make backups of your collection.
    Making reliable and efficient backups is a problem on its own. There are many good solutions available so there is no need to re-invent the wheel.
  • Video and or photo editing.
    The reason for this is the same as above. Photo and video editing are complex tasks and there are already plenty of programs doing a great job at this. FreezeFrame offers some very simple color adjustment and you can launch your favorite photo or video editor from inside.

What’s next?

  • custom search queries like ‘all media between 2012 and 2014 with keyword ‘beach’ or ‘park’.
  • albums with annotated photos and videos.