FreezeFrame installation & downloads


Please make sure that:

  • Windows and Linux: your system has java 8 installed (see installing Java 8 below)
  • Mac OSX: your system has java 9 installed (see installing java 9 below)
  • your system has perl (5.004 or higher) installed (see installing Perl below)
  • your videos use either the MP4 container format with H.264/AVC video and AAC audio compression or the FLV container format with VP6 video and MP3 audio compression

Note: Application launchers for Windows, Linux and OSX are automatically created during application start. See application launchers for details.

Download   (installation help or release notes)

Important note if you’re using version 0.3 or older:

The database engine has changed in version 0.4 which means that version 0.4 is not backwards compatible with any previous version. The main reason is that the new engine performs much better than the old one but the drawback is that you would have to install FreezeFrame from scratch again. 


The latest sources are available as a zip archive and IntelliJ IDEA is used to manage the project.

Download Sources


FreezeFrame is released under the GPL 3.0 license.

Installing Java 8 (Windows and Linux)

The easiest way to install the latest version of Java on your system is by following the official java instructions at Note that alternative versions of Java (e.g. OpenJDK) work fine as long as they are compatible with Java 8 and include the JavaFX framework.

Installing Java 9 (Mac OSX only)

Java bug JDK-8131066 is a critical bug for FreezeFrame. It is fixed only in Java 9 (backport to Java 8 is still pending) so on Mac OSX you’ll have to install Java 9. You can get it here.

Note: if you need to use Java9 on Linux or Windows, you’ll have to add the following JVM arguments when starting FreezeFrame:

--add-opens javafx.base/ --add-opens javafx.base/com.sun.javafx.binding=ALL-UNNAMED

Installing Perl

Some operating systems already have perl installed (Linux, OSX) so you don’t have to do anything, otherwise you can follow the instructions at to install it.

Tip: FreezeFrame itself will check for a correct Perl installation and warn you if something is wrong.

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