FreezeFrame Frequently asked questions


How do I update FreezeFrame?
FreezeFrame will regularly check for updates and notify you if an update is available. If you chose to update FreezeFrame it will download and install the updates automatically. You can turn this feature off in the splash screen when starting FreezeFrame.


Which photo formats are supported ?
Photos must use the JPEG, BMP, GIF or PNG format.


Error when watching a library for changes?

It depends on your operating system whether it is able to provide enough resources to watch all the folders in your media library. For a local disk this is seldom a problem but disks accessed via a network connection can be troublesome. Often a networked disk can be watched for changes without any problem from Operating System ‘A’ but watching the same same networked disk from Operating System ‘B’ results in an error. There is unfortunately no workaround and you’ll have to update the Media library manually in those cases.

How do I import photos and videos from my camera?

FreezeFrame can only import photos and videos from a folder in your file system. Many cameras let you choose how they connect to a system once you plug them into your computer. The preferred way is to connect them as a “mass storage device”. This means that the camera will be visible as a regular folder on your file system.

If your camera does not support this connection mode you can:

  • use an operating system specific driver or 3rd party program to map the camera to a regular file system folder
  • import the photos and videos using proprietary camera software either directly into the library folder or to a temporary folder from which you then import them using FreezeFrame


FreezeFrame crashes when importing or playing videos on Mac OSX
This is a known bug in Java. There is no work around but it should be fixed in Java 9. A back-port (applying the fix to earlier Java versions) is pending.
Which video formats are supported?
Videos must either use the MP4 container format with H.264/AVC video and AAC audio compression or the FLV container format with VP6 video and MP3 audio compression.

Note: FreezeFrame expects a square pixel format (Pixel Aspect Ratio of 1:1). Please take note of this when converting your existing videos to the MP4 format. See also FAQ: How can I convert my existing videos into the required MP4 format? for a conversion example.