Fast Invoice Scanner

Fast Invoice Scanner

Fast Invoice Scanner is an Android Application for the Taiwanese market. Invoices in Taiwan have a unique code and every 2 months the government organizes a lottery to announce the winning invoice codes. There is a main prize, for which all 8 numbers have to match, of NT$ 10 million (about US$ 330,000), three secondary prizes, for which also all 8 numbers have to match, of NT$ 2 million (about US$ 66,000) and several other prizes depending on how many numbers match any of the main or secondary numbers.

On average people collect around a hundred or more of these invoices in a 2 month period and have to check each invoice for matching numbers. A winning invoice can then be cashed-in at a local post office.

There are 2 kinds of invoices currently used: invoices with digital bar or QR code and invoices with only a textual number.

Fast Invoice Scanner uses the camera on an Android phone to scan the invoice, whether its a digital one or a textual one, and directly display the invoice’s lottery value in the camera picture. This means that people can scan their invoices literally within seconds and will never miss a winning number.

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