FreezeFrame 0.4.22 (bug fixes)

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FreezeFrame 0.4.22 is available:

Version 0.4.22:
– Bug fix : autocomplete on Java9 always skipped the first item in the autocomplete list
– Bug fix : last update check date was not stored causing a delay in startup (always checking for updates)
– Bug fix : creation date entry prompt was misleading since it wasn’t shown in the specified locale
– Improvement: halt library updates while writing meta-data to avoid updates during writing

Important note: FreezeFrame 0.4 is not compatible with older versions of FreezeFrame since the underlying database engine was changed. This means that you’ll have to import all your photos and videos again. For that reason, older versions of FreezeFrame will also not automatically update to 0.4. If you want to update to 0.4, you’ll have to download FreezeFrame again.

Please remember that it’s still a beta so make sure you backup your photos regularly.

You can download it here.