FreezeFrame 0.2

ron/ January 9, 2017/ FreezeFrame, News/

FreezeFrame 0.2 is available:

– Bug fix: selecting an already selected tile within a range selects just that tile (instead of clearing all)
– Bug fix: auto complete candidate list (e.g. when entering a keyword) is closed when field loses focus
– Bug fix: insert file place holder in the video editor settings does not work
– Bug fix: fill all screen tiles when scrolling fast (last line would sometimes only show tile outline)
– Bug fix: clear write flag before meta data is written to enable setting of the flag during writing
– Bug fix: proper initialization of video preview slider in settings
– Feature: status line is now dual line for foreground and background task updates
– Feature: date can be added as tile info
– Feature: tile info settings can be changed with menu button (and are removed from settings)

Please remember that it’s still a beta so make sure you backup your photos regularly.

You can download it here.