FreezeFrame installation help

Launch button:

Use the ‘Launch’ button to launch the installation from within the browser using java web start.

Tip 1: if your browser asks you what to do with the launcher.jnlp file, select Java 8 Web Start or navigate to your java installation folder and select javaws.exe (on windows) or javaws (on linux and OSX).
Tip 2: please check the date and time on your machine if the verification of the application fails (e.g. if you receive a certificate is out-of-date error)

Download button:

The download button will directly download the freezeframe-launcher.jar file. If all is well, a simple double click on the downloaded launcher.jar from your file manager will be enough to start it. If not, you’ll have to use a command prompt/terminal window to launch it manually by typing (without the quotes): “java -jar launcher.jar”.

Note that you’ll only have to do this once since the installation will provide shortcuts for each of the major operating systems (Windows, OSX and Linux).

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