FreezeFrame full feature list

FreezeFrame features

  • automatically monitor photo and video library for changes
  • browse library content by import date, creation date, folder, rating, keyword and geographical location
  • store meta-data inside the photo or video file
  • sort and filter library content
  • view photos or videos as a slide show
  • show photo or video location on a map
  • auto rotate photos and videos based on their meta data
  • share (export) photos and videos by mail or file
  • automatic address lookup based on an embedded gps location
  • automatic address to map location conversion
  • import gpx track files to associate photos and videos with gps locations
Note: Freezeframe is not a photo, or video editor. FreezeFrame offers rudimentary photo and video adjustments (rotation, brightness, contrast and saturation). For any other adjustments it depends on an external editor that can be configured and launched from within FreezeFrame.