When launched from WebSite, splash screen disappears after it says it will restart on Mac OSX

ron/ January 17, 2017/ freezeframe-closed-issues/


TypeBugSubmitted byyogini_yang@hotmail.com
PriorityHighSubmitted onJan 14, 2017
StatusClosedLast status updateJan17, 2017


When launching FreezeFrame from the website, the splash screen is shown but disappears after it says it will restart

Steps to reproduce the problem

– Press the ‘Launch’ button on www.ronmevissen.com
– Allow application to start using the security settings
– Splash screen appears
– When splash screen says it will restart, it disappears and does not come back


Expected behavior

– FreezeFrame is installed and started

Actual behavior

– Splash screen disappears


Jan 14, 2017Submitted
Jan 17, 2017Fixed in version 0.2.1052