FreezeFrame application launchers

Application launchers

When FreezeFrame starts, it automatically checks if it needs to create application launchers for Windows, Linux and OSX.

You can find them in the freezeframe directory under your home directory. For example c:/Users/Ron/freezeframe on Windows, /home/ron/freezeframe on Linux or /Users/ron/freezeframe on OSX.

Note: you should create a link or shortcut if you want to drag a launcher to your desktop or launch bar. Operating systems often make a copy if you drag something to a desktop or launch bar which means it won’t get updated.

Linux users are advised to create a symbolic link in their ~/.local/share/applications directory to make sure that the launcher works properly. To do this, open a terminal window and type (without the quotes and replace username with your actual user name):

ln -s /home/username/freezeframe/freezeframe.desktop /home/username/.local/share/applications/freezeframe.desktop“.

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